Girl's Pamper Parties

Princess Party 

Ages 4 - 7

Two Hostesses to Pamper your Guests

Princess Dress-up

Princess Music

Chocolate Fountain with Fresh Strawberries & Marshmallows

Princess Craft Activity

Each Guest Receives:

A Glitter Tattoo
Nail Art

€ 230 for up to 10 guests &

€ 20 per guest there after

Tween Pamper Party 

Ages 8 - 12

Pamper Robes

A Choice of 2 Pamper Treatments for Each Guest Including:

Glitter Nail Art

Glitter Art Tattoo


Hair Crimping or Hair Waves 

Luxury Facial with Cucumber

All 5 Pamper Treatments For The Birthday Girl

Selfie props & Instagram Frame

Pop Chart Karaoke

Chocolate Fountain with Marshmallows

 Option 1 

One one hostess to pamper your guests

€ 190 for up to 10 guests & € 20 per guest there after

Option 2

Two hostesses to pamper your guests

€ 230 for up to 10 guests & € 20 per guest there after